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Alternative Pop Rock Band

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"Meet the band"

Hannah spent the early part of her life singing classical music.  She began her classical training with the Ottawa Catholic School Board Choir  when she was 9.  Over the last 8 years, Hannah has been part of several prestigious choirs, often leading her sections or as the soloist.  She graduated from Canterbury High School in vocal arts with honours and won their prestigious Vocal Award.  Canterbury is known for turning out some of the Country's best artists.  As well, Hannah has competed in Kiwanis Music Festivals for years in both solo performance and choral ensembles and choirs.  She has received pages of accolades for her incredible range, tone and versatility as well as her engaging stage presence.   From classical to indie acoustic to alternative and hard rock and everything in between.  Sight reading, piano, synth and ukelele add to her versatility and she often shares the stage with other musicians.  "gorgeous vocals...powerful...reminds me of Florence Welch..."  She is in 2nd year University of Ottawa U.  Hannah was hired to arrange, sing and record a song for the 2012 Olympics.  


Joe picked up the guitar when he was 10 - at first he was tentative - but quickly he realized that he was born to play just like his successful musician Grandfather.  He can play any style with great speed and rhythm.  Joe has received praise from various press and the recording industry.  They are blown away by how he resembles some of the Guitar Gods like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Slash for his speed, versatility and talent.  "can see him with a solo music career in the near future ...", said one reviewer.  Joe loves to play & write challenging riffs.  "plays like someone twice his age with decades of experience..."  Joe has also done session work and is the lead guitarist for Full Tipped Sleeve as well as Grapevine Getaway.  Joe also volunteers as a guitar instructor at a local Community Centre as well as teaching other students on a weekly basis.               


There are very few instruments that Ethan cannot play.  He went to Canterbury Arts High School for Trombone, and has competed and won many jazz ensemble competitions to the national level.  He also plays djembe, piano, synthesizer, rhythm electric and acoustic guitar.  He is the band's solid bassist and when they play acoustic he play djembe.   Ethan attends U Ottawa.




James is an outstanding drummer.  He  is well versed in so many genres.  This allows the band to effortlessly switch from acoustic to alt and harder rock.  Along with a pretty busy music schedule, James is also in 3rd year University at Ottawa U.  He also plays drums in his other band, Grapevine Getaway with Joe. 






 Zaphod Beeblebrox October, 2013